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real time vehicle tracking

real time vehicle tracking information to keep everyone informed


The Nimbus Real Time Passenger Information and Automatic Vehicle Location application delivers real-time information (RTI) for both bus operators and passengers. The application also has optional vehicle location control mechanisms and service delivery measurement modules to suit your needs. This fully integrated system uses the latest technologies to provide an unsurpassed level of accurate and relevant information to the bus operator, driver and passengers.


RTI enables Controllers to make decisions instantly with real time information available on the precise locations of all vehicles on all routes. Passengers can see information such as the time and current location of the service they are using both on the bus and at the bus stop.

The passenger is kept informed with the system capable of displaying public information and advertising on the bus. Advertisers can promote their products and services as the bus is approaching the bus stop nearest to their premises at the time when they are open for business; for example, a restaurant wishing to attract evening trade. With this system, operators have many more advertising slots available to them than is possible with traditional forms of static advertising, greatly increasing potential revenue.



The technology used by the RTI system is the most efficient and flexible available today, and is ideally suited to the needs of a system requiring high speed data transfer between fixed and mobile units. This technology not only enables the most accurate and secure transactions possible, but also allows for the most cost effective use of valuable network time by keeping running costs to a bare minimum.

One of the most portable and comprehensive solutions on the market today is provided by the use of state of the art programming languages. RTI can operate through a wide variety of user interfaces, including the latest browser technologies, standardising many of the features available, thereby cutting down on training and support costs.

RTI’s open architecture enables it to operate with any database product. A standard, easy to use, interface is used for database interrogation, or, if preferred, the data may be accessed through a wide choice of standard 3rd party reporting tools. This flexibility combined with the expertise of our staff, provides the greatest level of reliability and scalability available for this kind of product.


implementation and support

Nimbus offers a full and comprehensive implementation and post sales support service. A project team is set up at the outset to oversee all aspects of a project, from system set-up, through project management, training and final sign off. All aspects of a project are agreed between the company and the customer and sign off on all aspects of the system only occurs when both parties are happy that the work has been completed to the agreed standard.

The product is supported by a team of support staff and programmers dedicated to RTI. The majority of the support is carried out via modem and telephone, and where necessary, staff will visit customer sites. All system upgrades are implemented only after a full and rigorous testing procedure, both at our premises and on the customers training database before running live, ensuring that all new products run to the highest standards from the outset.

Nimbus is confident that RTI offers you the best way forward in terms of flexibility, cost effectiveness and future growth. By using the latest technologies in the most efficient way, Nimbus has produced a system that not only meets the needs of today, but also those well into the future.


Real time vehicle tracking
rti-screen real time vehicle tracking