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open data

open data is now seen as a crucial component of RTI systems


There is a need to get information out there in an easy, affordable, secure and effective way. This can be hard to do and difficult to keep on top of. Nimbus realise this, and being experts in Real Time information systems, we can help.


We offer a Data gathering, processing and distribution service where we:

  1. Gather data from real time sources—RTI, train, UTMC etc.
  2. Process and amalgamate it
  3. Follow up with operators and others to make sure that the info is correct and complete
  4. Validate and publish information to your displays, the web, apps etc in real time
  5. Offer an open API based on TfL standards
  6. Monitor this for accuracy

We can use RTIG, SiRi, UTMC TransXchange, ATCO CiF, and excel files and convert them to other formats, and can also use your system import tools. This service is remarkably good value and can make the difference between a valued and trusted system, and one that isn’t.


what can we offer?

Nimbus Open Data uses a hosted database to gather, manage and distribute data to and from transport information systems.

We assess and put in place methods to gather the data you have – for example within your UTMC or from bus operator ticket machines (DAIP), or from legacy RTPI systems.

We then assess where it should go (bus stops, the web, app for mobile devices, operator control systems) and construct a system to do just that.

In between we provide, as part of the offer, a fully featured web feed, apps, and QR code facility. There is also a very comprehensive web-based report suite and system monitoring dashboard.


isn’t this an RTI system?

It can be—it can completely replace a costly and bespoke system, or deliver the core of a flexible and open new system designed around the present, but it can so much more.
A major part of the service is the management of an application layer that allows the community to access and work with the data. This is part of the service—and part of our ethos! You get excellent value and community involvement, users get useful information.

what we offer as part of the service…

  • A system review
  • A hosted database outside of your firewall and semi independent of your network—good security, good resilience
  • SiRi links
  • DAIP input capability from on bus ticket machines
  • UTMC/TransXchange compatibility
  • Management of community data sharing
  • ‘Free’ Android and iPhone apps
  • A comprehensive web feed
  • QR code functionality
  • Network set up
  • An API in true open format
  • Proven history and proven success

All for less than £50,000!

Our total service is available for less than many suppliers will charge for a single feed or application!


Open data - real time information systems


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