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imedia is the system that brings it all together with real time passenger information, messaging and display systems all in one place

Modern bus and stop displays are often very capable, but the systems that drive them often aren’t. Passengers and media consumers have come to expect rich and varied content including information, entertainment and, fundamentally, timely Real Time information such as weather, travel information and news.

This content should be targeted, and be themed across all of the information sources accessed – bus screens, stop screens, web, apps and whatever else is out there should be consistent! imedia is a custom designed system that allows you to compile and publish all sorts of information to on bus and stop screens, whilst making sure that the system provides timely real time information as a priority. It is easy to use and comprehensive, and offers itself to reducing publicity costs or generating revenues, possibly through our Sales service.



• Organises images, CCTV, web and RSS feeds and video.
• Provides content for use on the web, on bus and off bus displays
• Makes sure that RTI is prioritised
• Allows you to send real time messages
• Allows you to control your bus, stop and other displays from one control point
• Can take feeds from your RTI system
• Puts you in charge
• In advance or in real time

Imagine this: Your customer is waiting at the stop. The stop display lets her know that the bus is coming shortly and that if they register they can have a free cuppa at a particular shop on a particular route. They board the bus. The screen on the bus warns them that they are approaching the stop, and in the meantime they have used their phone to register for the offer. They are sent a text confirming that which also acts as the voucher. The passenger decides to use the voucher so gets off, having checked the time of the next bus on the stop display.

Alternatively, the traveller needs to know the time of the next train after he arrives at the station on the bus. He sees rail information on the bus and knows that the connection is going to be fine, and also realises that he can get a cheap fare that day (or a ‘plusbus’) because the display lets him know that. An ad also tells her that she can have a free coffee at the coffee bar if she buys a breakfast roll. This same approach can be used to advise people of service disruption, to advise of fare offers or anything else you can think of and published in advance and in real time.

All of this from one powerful, simple to use system!


Real Time Passenger Information
imedia-screen real time passenger information